Learn how to make the most of your office space

This Office Space Calculator is an excel spreadsheet that calculates the amount of space you will require based on your staff numbers.

With this useful office space calculator you can discover:

  • The office space required for a given number of staff
  • the office space required in a self contained office building
  • the office space required in an office with shared facilities
  • The space saving benefits of an Agile Working office design



Comments on other Online Office Space Calculators

There are a number of office space calculator tools out there but our observation is that the vast majority expect you to already have quantified (and therefore designed) your proposed office layout including numbers of meeting rooms, managers offices, teapoints, workstations in open-plan areas etc. etc.  We feel this is rather restrictive as the occupancy density of a space will vary so much depending on your workstyle, standard workstation size and so on. You will also tend to think in terms of your existing workspace design rather than explore alternative options which could potentially save your company a lot of money.  So have a look at ours and see what you think.